What We Do 

 What We Supply 

  • Fake Betting Money and all betting tickets.

  • Tote boards with illuminated names, odds and names of all the horses.

  • Life like Bookies with actual functioning bookies bags.

  • Our own exclusive Funny Money'

  • DVD/Laptop with up to 3 races, professional projector and big screen.

  • Pre written races with  substituted names supplied by client.

  • Professional high powered PA system, radio microphones and background music if required.

 The Bent Bookies are happy to work with the event organisers, prior to the date, to timetable and structure the event to best suit achievable goals from the performance.

 The 'Bent Bookies' begin by meeting & greeting the guests, talking up the races and creating a fun atmosphere. They also hand out fake betting money to the guests.

At the arranged time, the Bookies announce they are taking bets on the first race and invite 'punters' to come and view the tote boards and place bets on the horse they fancy. Once everyone has placed a bet, the Bent Bookies play the DVD of the first race, projected on a huge screen. One of the Bookies calls the race live and the horse names can be substituted with names supplied by the client, guests, family, suppliers. At the finish the race, the guests collect their winnings and place bets on the following race. Between races, the Bent Bookies rove the room creating fun, chatting to the ladies and talking shop with the men.

Other highlights of the performance can include:

  • Fashions On the Field Parade and Judging- Female & Male

  • Lucky Door Prizes.

  • Live auction at the end of the races, where punters use their winnings to bid on great prizes  supplied by the client.

  • The Bent Bookies are happy to MC the whole night for you if required.